Worship Principles, 001

“Leading worship” is one of those ever-talked-about topics in Christian circles, and I’ve found that many have their own unique thoughts on how it should be done, or what is best.  Some have some terrific ideas that work well in their church and in their own context.  Transit, being the system of home groups that she is, has tested and stretched everything I’ve known about the musical worship of our great God… and I want to share with you one of the simple principles I’ve learned.

When you are in God’s Presence, you don’t need to be told to worship.  Worship is our natural response to holiness.

When you are in God’s Presence, you don’t need to be taught how to worship.  It comes naturally.

I can’t tell you how many times I have seen individuals who are not as “experienced,” shall we say, in the whole lifting-hands-department or what have you, but when that individual is exposed to the raw glory of Christ, tears stream down their face.  They instinctively bow.  They instinctively lift their hands.  Some instinctively begin to move in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

I have found that if we simply focus on hosting God’s Presence, everything falls into place.  Don’t get bent out of shape over a lack of physical response.  Go the foot of the cross as you yourself worship, and gently bring as many as possible with you.  When everybody is at the cross, worship will happen on its own.

My heart,


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