If a revival is indeed coming, and I believe it is, are we ready? Are there any preconceived notions we must release? Are there any limitations we need to throw out the window? … More Revival

The Humanity of Christ: A New Perspective on Life

Perhaps you have wondered, like me, why God had to send Jesus to us as a human—as an ordinary, blue-collar, working-class man. A simple man. A man who sweat, felt hungry, needed haircuts, and had a mom. If Jesus died on the cross and was resurrected still wrapped in divinity, but not in humanity, would … More The Humanity of Christ: A New Perspective on Life


Mercy and Grace

I learned recently that there are some languages around the world that don’t have a word for “grace.” So to translate the song “Amazing Grace,” for example, that language might instead call it “Amazing Mercy.” However, mercy and grace are two very, very different concepts. Merriam Webster contrasts the two words this way: “Mercy implies … More Mercy and Grace

Joyful Jesus

The more experiences you share with a beloved friend, the more you see his personality. I have been sharing life with Jesus for many, many years now, and I have continually been impressed by Him—He is so absolutely joyful! Maybe that’s an awfully foreign thought for you. Of course, I suppose every human wants God … More Joyful Jesus