Leading Worship: Old and Young (or, Hymns vs. Contemporary Worship)

The churches I have been part of are each a blend of old and young folks—as every family should be. The gathering of believers should in fact reflect a demographic of passionate twenty-somethings, loving grandfatherly types, playful toddlers, young newlyweds, empty-nesters… We all need each other! I’ve spent considerable time thinking about and studying church revitalization (resurrecting dying … More Leading Worship: Old and Young (or, Hymns vs. Contemporary Worship)

Leading Worship: Building a Song Repertoire

Happy Thursday! I love being a worship pastor. I love arranging music, teaching parts, and selecting songs. I love singing our church through the good and the difficult times, and I love that worshipful music has a way of prophesying life over hopeless situations reflected on weary and anxious faces. I love teaching about the … More Leading Worship: Building a Song Repertoire

What Happens in Corporate Worship

There are some things Jesus will only teach us as we gather to worship alongside the people of God. There are certain experiences with Jesus that can only be had in a corporate context. There are special revelations of His goodness and timely reminders of His Fatherhood that can only be gleaned with men and women of faith on our left and right, in front of us and behind us. … More What Happens in Corporate Worship


Happy Thursday, friends! I pray you are well, and that you are adoring and serving Jesus with all your affection and mind. May passion for His Name never wear thin in us! You may have heard the following unfortunate statement: if the Holy Spirit were to depart from the typical American church, 95% of that church’s … More Presence-Driven