Funny Story.

Recently, our church Transit held an Encounter Nite, where we all gather together to reestablish vision and unite us in purpose and heart.

Or at least, that’s what’s supposed to happen.

That’s not to say it didn’t.  But quite a funny thing happened.  About twenty minutes into worship, right about the end of our first set, I was just worshiping my heart out when I heard some crazy clanging and scraping.  An attendant had suddenly started mopping the floor!  If I’m perfectly honest, I was a little taken aback at her imperfect timing.

After the night ended, I commented to some of our team, “I can’t believe the attendant started mopping, of all things, during the middle of worship!  What’s up with that?”

One of the other teammates stopped dead in his tracks.  “You didn’t see what happened?”

“No, what?”

Apparently, someone who shall remain nameless FELL ASLEEP during the service.  Then, while he was sleeping, he proceeded to violently vomit several times.  That’s right, he PUKED.  On the floor.  And did not even WAKE UP.

True story.

SO..  how many worship leaders can say something that absurd has happened while they were leading worship?  This one can!

Just wanted to share!  haha


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