Team Training

I believe in the power of “team,” and I really think that all of us can go farther if we work together!  On the same hand, a team must be healthy and learn to work together for this to happen.  A large part of the ministry I have been engaged in over the years has been team-oriented, and I have picked up several key lessons (some of which I am still learning!!).

  • Perspective is everything!
  • Be uncomplicated and easy to work with.  (So invaluable!)  Be teachable and don’t take things personally.  :)
  • Pray for your teammates, and praise them loudly!
  • Err on the side of honor.  When you are frustrated with someone, buy that person coffee.
  • Communication will make or break your team.  Be as clear as you can when expressing an idea or thought, and ask specific questions when you don’t understand.  Make sure you know what is expected.
  • It’s all about SYNERGY…  I say this all the time!  Synergy is basically the truth that none of us is as good as all of us.  My ideas may be good, but together, we can take those good ideas and make them great!  This takes not being possessive about ideas, being humble, and also learning to say what needs to be said at the right time (always with the utmost kindness).
This is certainly not an exhaustive list!  Have you learned a valuable lesson regarding teamwork?  I’d love to hear it.  In the meantime, wherever you are planted, continue serving those around you with all your heart and let someone know that you believe in them.
All my heart,

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