Fall in Love with Jesus in Front of Others: Leading Worship

Hey, all! Something has been burning in my heart recently regarding leading worship.

I have said over and over again in my writings and to various teams that the role of a worship leader is less about leading songs and more about leading people. Any talented musician can perform a nice song—and that’s well and good—but, friends, ours is the mantle of leading people into a vibrant love for Jesus and leading them into greater freedom and victory. For us, music just happens to be the vehicle we use.

Did you catch that? Singing a Christian song on a platform is not leading worship. Even stringing together thematically similar songs with related keys is not leading worship. We as worship leaders are all about seeing people connect with God, and that takes operating on a different plane.

And a beautiful way to lead your church in worship is to fall in love with Jesus in front of them. Yes, fall in love with Jesus in front of your people! What a wonderful, wonderful thing.

It takes intentionality.

A breathtaking romance, believe it or not, takes effort. If I may, let me challenge you to rise early on Sunday—long before you stand to lead God’s praises—to pray for a fresh wash of the Holy Spirit. Oh, ask Him to plant in your heart a desperation for Jesus! I can’t express enough just how much the Father delights in those sort of prayers! He is enthusiastic to give you your heart’s desire!

And as you take the platform to lead worship, I know there are a multitude of concerns warring for our attention. But treat your time on the platform as one, big “selah” moment. Be intentional to enjoy Jesus. Lean into Him. Capitalize on every lyric and every note to thoroughly adore our precious King. Let your heart get caught up in the glory of God!

It takes vulnerability.

It’s in those “holy ground” moments that a response is natural. Allow yourself to smile—to lift your hands—to kneel—to dance—to weep—to lay on your face—to wholeheartedly respond. Of course I’m not describing a performance for others; instead, I’m encouraging you to model love for Jesus for your people. At first, it takes immense bravery to authentically wear your heart on your sleeve during public worship, but soon it becomes natural. And the reward of falling in love with Jesus in front of people is that they will “catch” it. Oh, yes, lead people by loving Jesus openly, truly, and deeply. After all, isn’t this what the glorious calling of worship leading is all about?

My heart,


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