A Mindset Shift


“Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect” (Romans 12:2).

Perhaps you have heard the story of a young bear cub who lived behind the steely bars of a cage until it reached the last arc of its life. Then its owners released it to the wild. They expected this adult bear to run loose, suddenly wild and full of deranged passion because it was free at last—but the bear was emotionally unmoved. It actually began to pace—like a robot, or liked a programmed machine—the rectangular shape of the cage it had once been jailed in. The sad bear couldn’t even perceive the reality of its own freedom because its natural wildness had been so broken.

Some Christians remind me of this bear. You may know one or two Christians like this. Even though the believer has been made thoroughly, overwhelmingly free, he still mopes around as if he were a miserable victim of chance and bad circumstances. He accepts every feeling that enters his soul as if it were true, simply because he feels it. Or perhaps because her mother was a nervous, anxious wreck, she too accepts being a nervous, anxious wreck. Or maybe it is completely normal for him to feel that life is out of control and he is powerless.

And what’s worse than the devil keeping such believers crippled like this, is the devil keeping them unaware that they are crippled. Like that poor, sad bear who couldn’t realize the freedom that was his for the taking.

Listen, my friends!

God is in the transforming business! He is transforming you into a new man, a new woman! And it starts with the way you think! Our inconceivably strong and endlessly patient God enthusiastically wants to reconstruct your mindset from “life is happening to me” to “I am powerful and Christ has covered me in His blood.”

You are stronger than you think you are (seriously!), and freer than you think you are!

Remember that your job (or, a better job) is not your provider—God, who is your generous Abba Daddy, is your Provider! As Kristene DiMarco fabulously wrote in a song recently: “I do not wonder if His plans for me are good, if He’ll come through like He should,” because we know without question that God’s plans for us are good and that He will deliver on every promise!

You’re not a victim to the darkness around you—you are God’s special ambassador to meaningfully encourage people to make life-giving choices, to deliver acts of mercy and kindness to your family, and to sincerely honor your leaders!

You don’t have to feel anxious or depressed simply because anxious thoughts or depressing thoughts come to your mind. I am convinced anxiety and depression come from hell—which means they are easily demolished by the authority of Jesus Christ! No spirit, power, or strong emotion is even remotely a match for my amazing Jesus—ever! Let me remind you that resurrection life is pumping through your veins!

Remember that your prayers are powerful tools the Holy Spirit utilizes to alter circumstances! Don’t pray “woe is me” prayers—pray “I declare that I am going to receive unusual favor today” prayers!

And if you feel like a victim, then sing songs of hope and faith. Literally sing out loud until your feelings align with truth. Something supernatural happens when we sing like this (even if it’s a timid whisper). Yes, our songs somehow marvelously carry the power of Jesus to cut away despair and ignite a miraculous joy, peace, laughter, confidence, and health!

You’re not in your cage anymore.
You don’t think, behave, or live the way the world does.
You’re a free man.
You’re the child of a loving Dad who has every resource you need and want.

And that’s that!

Well, writing this post has me surging with joy and energy now! Excuse me while I go run around the block.

From my heart,


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