Dynamic Vocals: Leading Worship, 017

Heya friends!

A Friday post again.. sorry for the lateness.

Brief life update.. I am settling in nicely to Johnstown, PA. God is extraordinarily capable. As those of you who have made a major move can certainly attest, picking up your very stable life and moving it across the country is emotionally and financially taxing. At the time I am writing this, I have no car (as I didn’t need one in Seattle!), and it has been truly humbling to ask for help when I need simple things done, like picking up groceries or moving furniture. And I have officially rented my first house! I simply cannot say “thank you” enough to so many new friends I have made, and ultimately many “thank you’s” to God for providing. I earnestly appreciate your prayers as I continue to move forward.

In the process of transition, I haven’t had much opportunity to lead worship, and when it finally happened last week in a prayer meeting, it felt like ‘home.’ Ah, there is something so powerful about recognizing the anointing God has placed on you and choosing to operate in that. Don’t run from the anointing God has placed on your life, friends.. To move in step with the Spirit is heaven.

So today I want to drop a little note about dynamic vocals for all you worship pastors and leaders out there.

A dynamic vocal is a term I developed to convey to different singers I have worked with, in which I mean basically, “Don’t be boring.” For all vocalists, but especially for the lead vocal, it is important to deliver lines with emotion and passion. From a musical standpoint, this adds depth and power to a song. From a spiritual standpoint, I can’t tell you how many times I have heard a worship leader communicate an amazing lyric that is full of substance and authority, but it is delivered with a voice that sounds bored and uninterested. Hear me – if you sound bored, you will also sound boring. And if the delivery is boring, weak or unintentional, people are much less likely to honestly engage.

And I’m not talking performance. I’m talking excellence.

But, you ask, when we use dynamic voices in leading worship, how does this affect our churches? Well, have you ever sat through a sermon that was dry and boring? It doesn’t matter if the content and message was profound and meaty – the congregation tunes out. Delivery is important, and the same applies to the way we lead worship!

Listen, worship leaders, we are communicating the greatest story ever! We don’t sing about a flat, old message, but we sing of the enduring and constant love of the Savior! We sing life, hope, peace, and truth over our churches! Our voices should match the energy of the words we sing… we mustn’t waste any words. Deliver each word intentionally, with the energy and emotion it demands.

And when we offer a powerful and passionate delivery, full of dynamic and expressive voices, we are actually paving the way for our churches to engage and respond. A powerful and passionate delivery enhances the message and elicits a response.

I encourage you to gauge the dynamism of your voice by periodically listening to a recording of yourself leading worship. Is your voice sleepy and bored, or are you delivering every line with intentionality, emotion, and passion?

Dear friends, the praise of our God is worth our excellence. Let’s not cut corners. Let’s not justify a boring and weak sound because we mistakenly fear it borders on “performing.” God deserves our best service.

Wishing you the best as you lead with authority and vocal energy! Jesus is worth it..


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