Top Worship Songs of 2014… So Far

Well, here we are nearly mid-way through 2014! Can you believe it? I feel like it was just a month or two ago that I sat down to figure out a Christmas set list, and then bam – May!

2014 so far has been a year of outstanding new worship songs and better-than-ever recordings. Like last year, I wanted to put together a list of what I think are some of the greatest and best – at least, so far! I really pray this list is a resource for all you worship leaders and worshipers. God never intends for His people to be stagnant… His plan for us collectively is to continue marching forward as a people of unbridled faith and hope, singing the new song of salvation! God is in the new, whether a literal new song or a classic sung with new passion.

Some standards on the songs and albums below… regardless of when the song was originally composed or recorded, the recording must have been (or will be) widely released in 2014. Also, because this list is geared for church worship, I only included albums or songs that I felt could translate effectively into congregational singing.

And in no particular order, here we go!!

Album: Only King Forever (Elevation Worship)

Elevation Worship’s most recent full-length album, “Only King Forever,” is very guitar-driven, very lyrically thoughtful, and a very vertical offering. Many of the songs, if not all, can easily find their home in your regular worship set list. Elevation Worship has definitely gone the extra mile to make their songs accessible to churches by posting all the chord charts to their website, as well as performing acoustic renditions of each song in both guy and gal keys for easy reference.

Key Worship Songs:

“I Will Look Up” is personally my favorite track on the album. It calls the worshiper to gain some perspective. It’s easy to magnify our situation, causing it to seem too big even for God sometimes, but when we learn to magnify God, we make Him “bigger” and everything else settles into its proper perspective. “I will look up, for there is none above You; I will bow down to tell You that I need You, Jesus, Lord of all; I will look back and see that You are faithful; I look ahead, believing You are able.”
Key Fast Songs:
Album: Endless Praise (Planetshakers)
Australian worship band Planetshakers unveiled “Endless Praise” earlier this year, and it’s overflowing with true Aussie full-on energy. Planetshakers’ original aim was to present fresh worship for teenagers and young adults, and although they have arguably broadened their scope, it would seem that most of what they produce is still lyrically and musically targeted at a young adult audience. So for the young and young at heart churches, you’ll probably have “Endless Praise” on endless repeat.

Key Worship Songs:
“Made for Worship” is a perfect ‘first slow song of the set,’ you know what I mean? The opening lines encourage the worshiper to let go of all distractions and really focus on Christ.

The lyrics are gorgeous and simple, recognizing God to be holy and worthy of worship. The harmony at 4:09 alone will melt you!

Key Fast Songs:

Album: Paul Baloche LIVE (Paul Baloche)
Paul Baloche is, I’m absolutely sure, a spiritual father to so, so many worship leaders, pastors, and songwriters, whether in person or from a distance. The whole world knows his music (“Open the Eyes of My Heart,” “Above All,” and “Your Name”), and his sound is refreshingly unpretentious and humble. Seriously, Baloche is one of the pillars of modern worship music, and when he lets out a new song or album (usually under the radar), worship leaders would be right to take notice.
Key Worship Songs:

Key Fast Songs:

The lyric “When I’ve struggled to believe, You have not let go of me, God my Rock”
in “God My Rock” is nothing short of beautiful!
Album: Majestic (Kari Jobe)
Another great album in the Kari Jobe canon… and surprisingly her first live solo effort to date. For those that enjoy living under a rock, Jobe is the lead vocal on the renowned “Revelation Song.” :) While not well-known for her songwriting abilities (yet?), it’s noteworthy that Jobe had her hand at writing or co-writing most of the songs on “Majestic.” The album leans unapologetically toward intimate ballads and declarations of faith, which suits Jobe’s shimmering soprano rather well, but if you are looking for huge electric guitars and fist-pumping service openers, you may want to look elsewhere.

Key Worship Songs:

“Forever” is a soon-to-be classic that celebrates the risen and exalted Christ and His finished work.

Key Fast Song:

Album: Tides Live (Bethel Music)

The worship collective in California from Bethel Church presented “Tides Live” earlier this year, a live follow-up to the studio-recorded “Tides” in 2013. Bethel Music has been responsible for such church worship classics as “One Thing Remains” and “Love Came Down,” and undoubtedly will pen many more favorites to come.

Key Worship Songs:

“I Can Feel You” is poetically brilliant, and the message isn’t lost in the poetry. In the middle of doubt, fear, and blindness, Jesus is still with us. The song does lean heavily toward “experiential” and “feeling” worship, so it may be best to sandwich this one between two strongly theological songs.

Key Fast Songs:

Album: Take It All (Passion)

Passion, arguably the most popular worship collective in the USA with the likes of Chris Tomlin and Kristian Stanfill, is in full force again with another superb album. What I like best about this project is that each song is heavily Scriptural (which is every pastor’s dream!!) and unapologetically proclaims the name of Jesus – which should always be the primary focus of all our worship. The second best thing I like about the project is that there is more even distribution of song leaders. While Chris Tomlin (“How Great is our God”) still remains as Passion’s primary worship leader, we hear a bit more from equally terrific ‘lead worshipers’ (as they call themselves) Kristian Stanfill and Christy Nockels, plus the hipster worship team Crowder and Passion mainstay Matt Redman.

Key Worship Songs:

Key Fast Songs:

Song: Glory in the Highest (Fellowship Creative)

The first released single from Fellowship Creative’s (of Ed Young’s Fellowship Church) upcoming album “Running to Follow” (May 13) is full of fantastic energy! You should check this out as well; click here for the chord charts. On a side bar, worship pastor Derric Bonnot is easily one of the most stylish worship leaders on the planet.

And there you have it! I hope this list is a resource for you. What songs or albums have impacted you and your church so far in 2014? Share with us below!
Much love,

2 thoughts on “Top Worship Songs of 2014… So Far

  1. Wow! So many great songs here.
    I love the Passion album, and I think one of the best 'fast' songs is Don't Ever Stop.
    Thank you for this list – it will help our church a lot! It's important to stay fresh! Blessings,

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