Bible-Based: Leading Worship, 008

Hey, friends!

It has been a while since I blogged specifically about principles I have learned regarding leading worship.  I have blogged about the importance of song selection, creating “selah” moments, using worship to teach theology, and cultivating a worship climate, among other topics… and now here is installment #8.

As believers, we understand that the necessity of ingesting Scripture can’t be overstated.  It is food for our souls (Matthew 4:4), produces faith (Romans 10:17), and revives us with strength (Psalm 119:28).  Christ Himself is metaphorically the “Word” (John 1:1), and if we long for more of Jesus in our lives, then we ought naturally to long for Scripture, which reveals Jesus Christ from start to finish.

We can never have too much ‘Bible,’ friends.. in our personal lives, and even in our corporate worship services.

While the people in our churches are undoubtedly affected by the power of music, it is the Holy Spirit-empowered Word of God that will change hearts and minds.  And this is what we need to build our musical worship on!

Recently at our church Transit, we did an “open Scripture reading” between songs during a worship set.  While I softly played on piano, I gave room for anyone who felt led to read one or two verses from a Psalm to simply read out.  And people read out the character and promises of God.  Not only did this focus all of us to sing the next few songs with more meaning, but it stirred a shift in the atmosphere––and was a beautiful moment!

God will anoint His Word!

Having an open Scripture reading may not work effectively in all contexts; Transit is a house church, so it was perfect.  But at any rate, I encourage all worship leaders to incorporate Scripture into your set!  And, hey, we can get a little creative with that, don’t you think?  Check out these videos that all have incorporated Scripture into their musical worship:

Hillsong Live, “It’s Your Love” by Mia Fieldes –– Darlene Zschech’s spontaneous declaration of John 3:16 begins around 6:35 (but you should watch all of it to hear its delivery in context).

Travis Cottrell: “I Am Persuaded” by David Moffitt, Sue C. Smith, and Travis Cottrell –– See 2:17 for a powerful delivery of the latter part of Romans 8 by Beth Moore and Travis Cottrell.

I had some trouble uploading the last two I wanted to share.. follow the jump to see 2 particularly creative ways of incorporating Scripture..  here… and here.  Definitely worth clicking on!

I hope these clips inspire you to incorporate a little more ‘Bible’ into your worship sets.  All my love for you and my prayers for a 2014 of peace, growth, and favor,



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