Song Selection: Leading Worship, 006

Happy Thursday!

I have talked extensively in previous blogs the importance of song selection in times of corporate worship (especially herehere, and here), but I wanted to hit on song selection from a different angle.

When people are exposed to brand new songs every single week––sometimes several in one week––bear in mind that you are inadvertently training them to lock their eyes on the lyrics on the screens instead of focusing on the Person of our worship.  And assuming that your church is familiar with a song or that they “should have heard it by now” is not a safe bet.

Worship leaders may lead songs, but worship pastors lead people.  (And it’s always about people.)  What will best lead your people into the Presence of Christ?

I have found that having a written-out, up-to-date repertoire of songs is ideal for our church Transit.  When we started the church, I carefully selected 10 songs, and we cycled through those 10 songs until our church was comfortable with them.  Then I added one.  When our church was comfortable with that new song, I added another, and so on.  And every song I added, I added to our list.  (Sometimes I have had to scratch out a song on the list that just wasn’t working.)

This has proven to be effective because then I know exactly what songs our church knows.  When we need a song on, say, the second coming of Christ, I can choose from the songs in our repertoire instead of necessarily doing a new song we may never do again.

This may sound tedious, but I can assure you it’s not!  In fact, it has proven to be SO helpful in the long run!  God honors preparation, and I feel that it is taking the time to truly care for your flock.

Soon I will blog on how we introduce new songs at Transit, as that is a question I get oft.  Until then, much love,


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