Hey, Dreamer

What is the dream God has placed inside of you?

For two years I toured with a drama team and visited 22 different states, primarily performing at conferences, conventions, retreats, and camps.  Many of the events we performed at were faith-based, and we had the amazing privilege of using our drama to minister to individuals.  At youth camps, we were SO blessed to take our ministry off the stage and personally interact with teenagers and young adults.
Many of these teens would, through vulnerable tears, indicate an overwhelming feeling of inadequacy when it came to pursuing the dreams God planted within them.  “I’m too young to be taken seriously.”  “I’m a girl, so my voice won’t be heard through vocational ministry.”  “I’m embarrassed of my handicap.”  “My family is poor.”  “I’m not talented enough, and I just don’t fit the part.”  “This dream is just too far-fetched.”
Similarly, I’ve heard older-than-young-adults confess, “I can’t uproot my family to follow God’s call.”  “That dream doesn’t seem stable enough.”  “I’m too old.”  “I haven’t been a Christian long enough.”  “I’ve messed up too much in my past.”
I think I’ve heard them all.
And the funny thing is those individuals are hearing excuses, insecurities, and lies, and letting them speak LOUDER than the voice of God!  What does God say about the dream He gave you?
“I gave you this dream, and I will see it fulfilled.”  “I called you at just the right time.”  “I know exactly who you are and what you’ve done, and that’s why I chose you for this.”  “You have enough skill, enough money, and enough courage to do this because I am with you, and I am more than enough.”  “I have provided for you every step of the way, and I always will.”  “I see the beautiful result of your obedience.”
God gives all of us dreams that are big… but He’s bigger.  And He’s holding your hand.  He is whispering in your ear that you can do all things through the strength of His Son.
Today my prayer is for the resurrection of dreams and for the strengthening of dreamers!  I totally believe in you.  And nothing is too hard for our great God!
Pursue great things for His Name’s sake,


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