Advice of a Post-Graduate

Hello to you!

At the time I am writing this, it is pitch black in my bedroom and the window is cracked open just slightly, letting in a bit of the Seattle breeze.  However, at the time you will be reading this, I will be in Missouri, probably sipping a glass of sweet tea, or maybe even enjoying warm cornbread.  I can’t be sure yet.  Why Missouri, you ask?  I’m surprising my sister by showing up for her college graduation.  She’s graduating from Central Bible College, my very own alma mater.
I remember graduating college (he said in his old grandpa voice), and I remember the bottle of absolute excitement and total terror that it was!  So excited for the future, and so terrified of the future.  Here are a few pieces of advice I learned, having a few years of the “real world” under my belt now.

  • God is FOR YOU.  Okay, so maybe this one isn’t something that I learned so much as I was reminded of.  When college ends and the excitement wears off, life hits, and BAM – you’re spraying perfume on ladies as they walk past inside Macy’s.  It’s easy to forget, then, that God is for you and that His plans are to prosper you.  If jobs don’t seem to fly at you, if doors are not opening immediately… that is not to say that God is revoking His favor on your life.  He loves you, will provide for you, and will accomplish His purposes through your obedience.  These are promises of His.
  • Keep the dream alive.  As I said before, the excitement may wear off, but that is no excuse to settle.  I have found that dreams are fragile and can be dissolved so easily… so do whatever it takes to keep your passion.  Read books on the subject, surround yourself with people in the field, study and prepare…  A heart that has lost its passion is a heart that will grow hard.
  • Utilize your connections.  You made them for a reason!  Also, be an avid networker.. always build more connections!
  • Learn to wait.  Fact: God sees the big picture, and you don’t.  That means that super-promising door that closed, closed for a reason.  Do not jump ahead of God or force things to happen.  I recall to mind frequently the verse that says “Jesus GREW in favor with God and man.”  Growing into your calling does not happen overnight.  Have patience!
  • Start to think in terms of “seasons.”  Everything comes in seasons.  For a season, you may be required to do some work you aren’t fond of, but it is preparation for your mission.  Some people may only be in your life for a season, and we must learn to let go.  On the flip side, too, pain only lasts for a season, and joy comes in the morning.
  • Honor God and others.  This one should really go without saying.  No matter your calling, no matter your line of work, season, or stage of life.. if you honor God and honor others, you will go far.
I know we are a generation of world-changers!  The fields are white for the harvest… let’s win the nations for Christ!  Who’s with me?
P.S.  For those of us who have already graduated, what is a piece of advice – spiritual, practical, or otherwise – you would give fresh graduates?

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