For followers of Christ, Easter is the most important day in recorded history.

Jesus, having been publicly brutalized and murdered, proved to be stronger than even Death.  The stone was rolled away, the grave cowered in defeat, and all of hell turned on its heels and fled, for God proved once and for all that He has ultimate authority and power.
Yeah, cool.  What does that even mean?
Quite a bit actually.
The Bible is clear that death was never part of God’s original design, nor is it ever His desire.  He is the God who consistently births LIFE.. fresh beginnings!  The power of Easter should be an everyday occurrence for Christians!
Maybe you are crippled by your finances.  You feel like there is a chain wrapped around your neck, with a huge anchor at the other end of the chain, and somebody just kicked the anchor over the edge of a bridge.  It’s only a matter of time before you are sucked under, void of the hope of living a “normal” life.  My friend, listen up…  Jesus, risen and powerful, wants you to experience victory, plain and simple.  It is not His heart that you feel mastered by money.  His heart for you is BREAKTHROUGH, and that’s the power of Easter!
Maybe you are on the other side of a failed relationship.  All you feel is brokenness and heartache, not to mention embarrassment.  You’re not sure if you can trust yourself again to get involved in a relationship that will actually prove to be healthy.  After all, you’re more aware of your dozens of flaws now more than ever.  My friend, listen up…  Jesus, the very definition of hope, has risen from the dead that you may reap His benefits, benefits of wisdom, perspective, and healing!  Your future relationships are not determined by any ounce of your past.  I know this, because He is risen and intervening on your behalf, and that’s the power of Easter!

Maybe you are experiencing physical deterioration, maybe even something as painful and hell-sent as cancer.  You’re exhausted of mentally preparing yourself to accept what the doctors have to say.  Medical expenses are through the roof.  You feel you’ve been cheated of the long life you once dreamed of, and you are preparing a list of goodbyes and instructions for what happens next.  My friend, listen up…  Jesus is risen with healing in His wings!  Cancer is not from God, and He expects you to arm yourself with His praise and authority.  You will LIVE and NOT DIE to declare His faithfulness!  Not a single thing is impossible for Christ, and that’s the power of Easter!

“Because I live, you also will live” (John 14:19).  Through the perspective of the victory of Easter, this is powerful statement!  We are not designed to survive; we are designed to LIVE and live to the fullest measure!  And that is the power of Easter.

Receive your blessing, friends.. the blessing that flows from the empty tomb.  And maintain perspective in all things.

With love,

P.S.  Follow the jump for my personal top 20 Easter songs.


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