Yeah, you.
Thought I’d share something with you that I’ve been mulling over a lot recently.  I’ve been reading through 1 & 2 Samuel and really eyeballing how David was consistently met with success, open doors, opportunities of a lifetime, titles of honor, positions of influence, and supernatural favor.  Certainly he worked hard, was honest, had skills… all the things you’d think would naturally lend to historic success.  But the thing that sticks out to me is that he never went after success.  Success always came to him.
It’s crazy.  But read it for yourself, all throughout the books of Samuel.  David never once initiated any kind of privilege.  Someone else always sought him and bestowed on him some radical privilege.
I think that’s for two main reasons.
First, David was wholly devoted to God.  Before he made any decision, he listened to what God had to say first and was quickly obedient.  He didn’t serve God with any kind of personal agenda; he served God for God’s glory.
Second, David was faithful in the small things.  Even when his actions went entirely unnoticed by others, he did the right thing.  Even when no one would see the results, he served tirelessly and gave his very best.
It is never our job, nor should it even be on our radar, to find “success” or look for connections that will bring us success.  That’s just such a misguided outlook on life, because it’s never been about “us.”  If God wants you to have certain connections, make lots of money, or have glamorous recognition, then He will arrange it.  It is only our job to serve Him wholeheartedly and remain faithful in the small things.
Jesus is so worthy of sacrifice.  No cost is too great… even the cost of success, connections, and privilege.  But make no mistake, His very special blessing and His unprecedented favor are on those who honor Him.
Let me leave you with a verse that I love…
“Worship God if you want the best; worship opens doors to all His goodness.” Psalm 34:9
Oh, friends… this resonates with me so much as I sit to write this!  My heart just overflows.  May we seek His face all the more.

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