Art in the Church

Happy Thursday to you!  For this post, one of my closest pals ever is going to share his heart on a subject he is pretty passionate about.  Drue Butterfield and I have a lot of history together.. he is my bro-dog, broheim, brosef.  Love this kid.  I know you all will be blessed by his … More Art in the Church

Faster Horses

A quote that I supremely love is this one by Henry Ford: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” As you know, Henry Ford invented the car.  I am no history buff, so that’s about as much info as I can give without making up the rest.  But … More Faster Horses

Vantage Point

In a land far, far away and a time not that long ago, I studied art in school.  Something that came easily to me was the understanding of a vantage point in visual art.  A vantage point basically keeps everything in the right perspective, like if you’re drawing a city or a donkey or just … More Vantage Point