Hope Again

Your situation may spell out despair, futility, forgotten-ness, anger, and heartache, but through Jesus, such things are actually signs that a resurrection is about to happen! … More Hope Again


Leading Worship: Building a Song Repertoire

Happy Thursday! I love being a worship pastor. I love arranging music, teaching parts, and selecting songs. I love singing our church through the good and the difficult times, and I love that worshipful music has a way of prophesying life over hopeless situations reflected on weary and anxious faces. I love teaching about the … More Leading Worship: Building a Song Repertoire


Are you finding yourself irritable? Upset? Fearful? Are you insecure more these days? If you cracked open your heart to honestly assess what’s inside, would you find traces of unforgiveness, depression, and paralyzing helplessness?

My dear, dear friends, I have good news for you. Jesus loves to recalibrate our settings. No matter the negative feeling you may be harboring, no matter the length of time you’ve been clenching it in your heart’s fist, Jesus right now is willing to update your settings. … More Recalibrate