For All the Weary

Have you ever been weary? Not sleepy—but weary? Jesus doesn’t scold the weary for being weary. He doesn’t roll His eyes at us. He doesn’t secretly chuckle at our struggle. He doesn’t speak with a condescending, belittling tone. He says, “Come, My dear, dear child. Come to Me. Please.” … More For All the Weary


Jesus, the Perfect King

Psalm 72 is historically considered one of ten “royal psalms,” a prayerful hymn that addresses King David or one of his sons. Many translations of Scripture will provide the subheading “Of Solomon” or “Solomon’s Psalm,” suggesting that King Solomon actually penned this beauty, but modern scholars dispute this. The Septuagint, the earliest Greek translation of … More Jesus, the Perfect King

Audacious Praying

Listen, my dear friends, when you perceive silence on God’s end during prayers, you mustn’t interpret it as dismissal and thus give up. Based on this passage, I would suggest that God’s perceived silence is actually an invitation to keep on asking, keep on seeking, and keep on knocking. … More Audacious Praying

Identity Theft

“If we’re not set free from sin until we die, then Jesus isn’t our savior—death is.” —Georgian Banov Georgian’s quote above is one I like to revisit from time to time, as it puts life in perspective for me. I invite you to pause and reread his sentence slowly. Let the words marinate in your … More Identity Theft

Fall in Love with Jesus in Front of Others: Leading Worship

Hey, all! Something has been burning in my heart recently regarding leading worship. I have said over and over again in my writings and to various teams that the role of a worship leader is less about leading songs and more about leading people. Any talented musician can perform a nice song—and that’s well and … More Fall in Love with Jesus in Front of Others: Leading Worship